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Hey, I'm Andrea

I love sunshine, lemon popsicles, hammocks and salt and vinegar chips.


Oh, and TRAVEL!  Of course, travel.
And new experiences, and adventure and squeezing out every last drop of life out of  Haha.


But travel with kids...

It's a different beast entirely.


The first couple times we travelled with our kids were hard.  And complicated. 

And really, more work than it was worth tbh.

But, we kept at it.

And we made changes.

And every time, travelling with our kids got more fun.

Like, so much more fun.


Family travel CAN be simple and carefree and awesome.

For real.

So I'm putting all of our 'education' out here.

And I really hope that our experiences and guides will inspire you, and excite you, and hopefully help make it easier for you to keep exploring the world, and finding adventures. 

(even) With your kids.

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea,
drink the wild air.


Growing up, my family vacations consisted of long road trips (which I still love) to visit relatives throughout Western Canada, and even longer 'motel-with-outdoor-pool crawls' around the Western US.

I didn't fly in an airplane until I was 19.

I discovered wanderlust for real though when I did a semester of university in a castle in England (I know!), and backpacked through Europe in my early 20s  (with every other person in their early 20s).  It left me with a longing to DO and SEE and EXPERIENCE all the things. 

I did my best in the intervening years to keep exploring.  More road-trips, more flights, more countries, more experiences.  All in between trying to build a life and career and family of my own.


And now, 20 years, 1 marriage, and 2 kids later, I'm still at it.

I just really want to pack my life FULL, of new experiences, and seeing the world, and exploring and adventuring.
Like, as often as I can swing it.


And selfishly I'm dragging my kids and my amazingly flexible, up-for-anything , hot husband (I really lucked out), with me for every second of it.

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